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Our ApproachWorking the HansenWay

We believe that the people and methodology adopted for product and service is of the utmost importance

We believe that a companys’ people and methodologies adopted for product and service is of the utmost importance, and we are committed to continually refine both our team and approach.

For each project, a specialist team is appointed. The team is lead by an experienced Project Manager, who is charged with delivering products and services to time and budget, and achieving overall client satisfaction.

The HansenWay of governs all our processes, and starts with the sales team methodically evaluating and responding to incoming project opportunities. Once contractually engaged, information previously captured is automatically loaded into the project management systems and used by project delivery team. A comprehensive handovers and scope meeting takes placed with the sales and project teams, which will confirm the size, complexity and time frame, and will identify the need for any further information, to allow us to progress our works.

Any changes to the scope of the works are captured, communicated to all our stakeholders and processed by a dedicated variation system, which is linked to the project management systems.

As well as working jointly with our clients, we also work closely and collaborate with our inhouse and external trusted suppliers, to ensure planned works and timescales are achieved and communicated.

On completion of a project, we will contact the client to discuss and gather information on our performance. The results are then fed back into our improvement process and supply chain as part of our continuous improvement programme.

Significant investment has, and continues, to be made in developing our bespoke computer systems to support the HansenWay processes and agile way of working.

All our processes within the HansenWay are underpinned by our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.