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Architectural Metalwork Making metal work

We are able to design, manufacture and install architectural metalworks in Stainless Steel, Bronze, Brass, Aluminium & Glass to meet your needs.


Architectural metalwork is often used to enhance old (including listed) and new buildings. We are able to offer fabrication of high quality architectural metalwork for functional and/or decorative purposes. Examples include shopfronts, low-rise façades, windows, entrances, canopies, cladding and so on. We work in a variety of metals including stainless steel, brass, bronze and copper, and can offer additional toning where required.

Our team have been at the forefront of architectural metalwork for over five decades and have established a reputation second to none. Over the years, the teams’ projects have included the functional, inspirational, dramatic and breath-taking for some of the world’s leading brands.

Our design team will advise and work closely with you to develop a design that meets aesthetics as well as any technical specifications.

We have developed a hybrid design and supply capability, coupled with an experienced and dedicated manufacturing facility that can be used to produce unique, high-end pieces of metalwork and more complex assemblies. A series of trusted supply partners are used to provide products and services to complement our internal capacity and capability.

Application Examples

  • Shopfronts & Windows – often the shopfront or shopwindow needs to attract customers and possibly match an existing street style
  • Entrances, Doors & Access – the entrance will often create an expectation for customers and visitors
  • Exterior Cladding – metal cladding to match exterior of building to windows and doors
  • Internal Cladding – metal cladding used inside the building, to match internal decor
  • Canopies – as well as being functional, a canopy can be a feature that enhances a building
  • Column Claddings – enhance structural columns with metal cladding
  • Bespoke Features – special, one-off metalwork components to compliment a colour scheme and/or other metalwork