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Project Management Delivering the promise

Our HansenWay methodology enables our project teams & systems to delivery our products & services safely and effectively to you.

We understand the importance of managing the whole product and service delivery process for our clients. In common with all HansenGroup businesses, we work in collaboration with all project stakeholders to ensure mutual benefits are achieved through all project stages; from initial concepts, budget costs, design detailing and production drawings, fabrication through to installation and handover.

In recognition of the importance of project management, we have, and continue to, invest in our project teams, collaborative tools, technical expertise and supply chains. Each project will be delivered by a dedicated team lead by an experienced Project Manager. The size, timeframe and complexity of the project will influence the make up of the assigned team.

The project process follows well established procedures, developed over decades of experience gained by our HansenGroup companies; known as the HansenWay.

Continued investment in IT systems provide leading-edge support for these processes, enabling our teams to work closely together wherever they are located.

The entire project management and delivery process adhere to ISO9001:2015.