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Information for our employees, clients, suppliers and stakeholders

We recognise the importance of all its stakeholders, and are keen to develop robust and valuable relationships with clients, suppliers, stakeholders and our own employees for mutual success.


Our goal is to work harmoniously with our customer and the professional team through adoption of the HansenWay methodology of working.

This will benefit the client by…

  • Building long lasting relationships
  • Working collaboratively and safely with the client team
  • Focusing on what really matters to the client
  • Achieving mutual success and adding value for all parties


We want to work with our suppliers to match their innovative products and services with our customers’ requirements. We welcome companies from any background or industry where there is a clear opportunity for a mutually beneficial relationship.

More specifically, we seek…

  • Customer and project focused organisations
  • Industry leading products and services
  • Cost effective and timely delivery of products and services
  • Honest and open communication
  • Ethical and environmental traders whose products are produced through the exploitation of child labour, paying an unfair wage in poor working conditions or any other violation of the worker’s / human rights


We aim for the highest standards of ethical business practice with everyone you deal with, including employees, clients, and suppliers. This means:

  • Treating all employees fairly and with dignity and respect
  • Ensuring that your services and facilities, wherever possible, are accessible to all
  • Employees taking personal responsibility for their actions and working closely in teams
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship
  • Ensuring that all areas of the business operate a healthy and safe environment for employees, visitors and contractors

We value its’ employees and wants to encourage its employees to stay for many years with the company. It does this by giving employees real responsibilities within a closely knit team, the opportunity to grow and progress in their job and to move on to new roles within the company, all within the a very friendly and supportive working environment.
As part of the HansenGroup, the opportunities to move between companies and countries is real and is encouraged.

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As with our employees, customers and suppliers we aim to interact in a fair and open manner i.e. operating as a trustworthy business.

One of the primary stakeholders is HansenGroup with whom we share visions, values and processes. Despite us being an independent operating company, the relationship with its parent is close, two-way and goes far beyond a pure financial arrangement. Technical and project management know-how is freely shared and inter-trading is common. Information about customers (inc. personal data) is not shared across companies, unless explicitly agreed to by the customer.

All HansenGroup businesses are independently audited every year, to help ensure good, legal working practises are adhered to.